The Crew

The crew of the Phantom Cruiser

Asley Severt


Asley is a 42 years old technician.

Asley Severt



Technical assistent robot

The technical assistent robot TA-2X is one of the second generation. It is the main assistent robot of Asley Severt.

Shenna Wildner

Communication officer

Annelle Grippen

Malcolm Dilucca

Markenn Warte

Princess Wina

The Enemies

The enemies of the crew


Human (evil)


Alien (evil)


Robot (evil)

LG09 is controled by Vorta.

The Cruiser

Cryo Lab

The cryo lab of the Cruiser

A part of the science lab of the Phantom Cruiser is the cryo lab. The important part of this lab are the 4 cryo chambers.

Medical Bay

The medical bay of the Cruiser

Control area

The Story

The Phantom Cruiser

The cockpit of the Phantom Cruiser

Commander Sandra Peray comes on board of the Phantom Cruiser. She got the details of the new mission. Something is strange here on board, then they need to start in 15 minutes and all should be ready for this new adventure, but she don't hear any voices of the crew that are talking with each other. She goes to the cockpit looked around, no one! The Phantom Cruiser is ready for the mission, but where is her crew?

Sandra Peray

Searching for the crew

Commander Sandra Peray is still looking for her crew and she is trying to find out what happens with them. She sits down at the seat of Shenna Wildner, the communication officer of her spaceship the Phantom Cruiser and want to login on the security computer system to get information out of it about her crew.

Sandra Peray

What is that?

Commander Sandra Peray is still looking to find her crew. She is outside her spaceship together with her robot when she hears some sound and there is an intense blue light.